About the Project

In a London pub a friend told me of a relative with a real ghost story to tell. I was sceptical, but I agreed to listen. It was the beginning of a strange journey.

We think of ghost stories as being entertainment. Something to enjoy around the camp fire or with lights turned low. This story was anything but. Here was someone who’d experienced something inexplicable and horrifying. Events that had a life-changing effect and caused great angst and pain.

With some convincing, they agreed to allow me to put their story down on paper. This was a chance for them to tell their story as it happened, without judgement, scepticism or fear.

The meeting left an indelible mark. Were there others with a tale to tell? Others with stories they were afraid to discuss? Having made some preliminary searches and posts on the internet, accounts started to arrive. I was absolutely startled at what I discovered.

I spent the next six years travelling the country collecting stories. It hasn’t been easy; I was targeted by pranksters and those with problems entirely unrelated to the supernatural. I investigated and examined each story as best I could. I checked facts, dates, news stories – attempted to obtain anything that could back up what I had been told.

The stories in this collection are those that have stood up to most scrutiny. Where truth lies, I leave to your judgement. I’m not out to prove anything. My mind remains open; I am both believer and sceptic.

All I’ll say is that these stories present circumstances that are undoubtedly extraordinary. And whether or not they represent real encounters with the supernatural, or delusions borne of madness, they make for shocking, uncomfortable and frequently horrific reading.

David Paul Nixon